Help Jose Robles

Here are four was that you can help Jose Robles.

Here are four was that you can help Jose Robles.


1) Sign and Share

With Jose in detention, our task for this family shifts to advocate for the expedited U-Visa and to stay connected. How can you help?Sign the petition and share Jose's story with 5 friends. We are calling on the Office of Enforcement and Removals to send a request for Jose to be released from detention and for his U-Visa to be expedited!


Click the paper airplane in the top right corner or use this link to share the video:

2) Financial Support

Offer financial support to the Robles family. Jose is represented by Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, click here to donate for legal fees. Additional support for the family is being collected through Gethsemane Lutheran Church (memo: sanctuary).

3) Write a Letter

Send some encouragement to Jose at NWDC. Include your name and return address on the envelope and mail a card or note to him with this address (include the -6160!):

Jose Alberto Robles-Martínez - 6160 
Northwest Detention Center
1623 E J Street, Suite 2 
Tacoma, WA, 98421-1615

4) Listen and Post

Keep Jose's story lively in social media. Listen to the latest podcast episode and share about it online and in conversations.

Jonathan McClung