Jose Robles to Meet with ICE July 17th

#Don’t Deport Jose Robles-- No Deporten a Jose Robles

Jose Robles, a longtime Washington resident, was wrongfully denied his ability to pursue the U-Visa process by Lakewood police, after falling victim to a violent crime. This consequently left Jose on a path to deportation. Without the U-Certification, Jose was forced to seek Sanctuary for nearly a year, rather than be torn apart from his family. With community support, Jose was able to have the Pierce County Prosecutor's Office sign the U-certification so he could move forward with his U-Visa application.

Now, Jose and his legal team will have to meet with ICE on Wednesday, July 17th, to file a stay of removal to keep him in the country and stop his deportation while he pursues a legal pathway through his pending U-visa. We know that Jose faces a gruesome political climate. This is why we are coming together across Washington State and beyond to DEMAND THAT ICE NOT DETAIN OR DEPORT JOSE WHILE HIS U-VISA IS PENDING AND GRANT HIM A STAY OF REMOVAL SO HE CAN RETURN HOME TO HIS FAMILY.


Support Jose Robles on July 17th

Please RSVP here and let Church Council of Greater Seattle and Colectiva Legal del Pueblo know if you can come out to support Jose Robles as he meets with ICE in Tukwila, seeking a stay of removal, in order to remain with his family while he pursues a U-visa.

11:30am arrive & meet at Riverton Park UMC (3118 S 140th St, Seattle, WA 98168)
12pm Press conference & march
1-4pm Community presence, rally & teach-in at USCIS/ICE Building (12500 Tukwila International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98168)

Your support is critical at this time! Jose has asked for as much community support as we can muster and we are committed to showing up with Jose and his family as they fight to stay together. #Don'tDeportJose